Natalie Baroni

Venus Emerging from the Sea

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This exquisite pendant is created in 18K Gold, Diamonds, Ivory, Mediterranean Red Branch Coral and South Sea Pearls. Venus is the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. The most important goddess of the pantheon collection, she inspires mankind to our most perfect attribute… Divine Love.

From the Artisans work-bench, to the Natalie Baroni Atelier, the creation of Venus Rising From the Sea began on a journey to Torre Del Greco, Italy, where Natalie engaged the master, “The Professor” to carve the miniature Ivory sculpture of the Roman Goddess Venus.

“Venus Rising From the Sea” is a master piece of Italian artistry and workmanship. An eight year journey which took Natalie to the Italian Coast and Isle of Capri, the most enchanting places on the beloved earth, gave birth to a vision of timeless elegance and eternal beauty.

Venus Pendant;
Over 300 diamonds
18K Gold 4ozs.
15mm White South Sea Pearls

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Also shown: Venus Earrings from the Sea / 18K Gold; Diamonds; South Sea Pearls.

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